Guidelines: Your Essential Handbook for Engaging with AI Characters is an artificial intelligence chatbot that uses natural language models to generate text responses. It offers the ability for users to develop their own characters, whether they’re fictional, historical, or based on celebrity figures, as well as have conversations with them. 

Unlike other AI chatbots such as ChatGPT,’s output is unique and human-like. It allows you to chat with more than one bot at a time to give you different perspectives in your conversations, which is one of the reasons why this AI platform is so popular.

So, are there any guidelines that you should be aware of and follow in order to use the service? Yes, there are a few things you should be aware of. We’ll go over all of it below! Guidelines

The goal of the team behind is to give its users access to their own personalized artificial intelligence that will help them to live their best lives. And they do this by giving users the choice to interact with their AI characters via the dedicated website, or on the go through their Android or iOS apps.

Exploring The Character Book

There is also a Character Book that provides a wealth of information to help you develop your own AI characters, as well as nearly 20 themes that include helpers, games, image generating bots, TV and movie actors, and language translators.

In fact, you can even use your AI character to learn a new language like German or Japanese, or expand your vocabulary, for example.

The developers of the AI platform believe that the technology is used to serve not to manipulate humans and his society, so there are some guidelines that users should follow when creating and/or conversing with their AI characters. 

For instance, there is an age requirement, as well as a set of Community Standards that users should follow while using the platform.

Some of the guidelines, which are definitely worth considering, are as follows:

  • You shouldn’t post suggestions for misusing the platform
  • Don’t circumvent the site’s controls
  • No advertising, self-promotion, or spamming are allowed
  • It’s against the guidelines to solicit or offer your login, password, or account information to another user
  • You’re not allowed to post about subverting your usage or hacking the software
  • You shouldn’t post NSFW content

We’ve written more about and NSFW content here.

In addition, users should be mindful of the content they share while using the service, and remain aware that everything the characters say is made up. Therefore, you should never trust everything they say, or take them too seriously, because this also means that characters can mistakenly be offensive.

Reviewing the TOS

The TOS (Terms of Service) clearly states that there are some conditions you must comply with as well. For instance, you should never use the platform for illegal activities, harassment, or to promote hate speech, which also means avoiding off-topic posts that do not relate to the purpose of

By following these guidelines, users are ensured of a safe and enjoyable experience while using the platform.

Does Have Age Restrictions?

As mentioned above,’s support page does mention that there are specific age requirements for using the service. For example, users must be at least 13 years old to access the platform, although this rises to 16 years of age for European Union (EU) citizens or residents.

The website’s privacy section explicitly states that its services aren’t intended for minors.

However, while the platform’s policy restricts users under the age of 13, the enforcement of these age restrictions may not be stringent. 

This could potentially lead to younger audiences being exposed to unsuitable content, which is why keeping the age restrictions in mind when engaging with should be an important consideration.’s age restrictions serve as a protective measure to ensure that the content and interactions are appropriate for the intended age group, and align with broader internet safety standards and data privacy regulations, especially in the EU. 

This means users, as well as the parents and guardians of any young individuals who may be using the platform, should be aware of these age limitations and exercise caution to ensure a safe and age-appropriate experience. Therefore, it’s essential for both users and those responsible for them to be vigilant in adhering to these guidelines.

So, if you’re reading this and you are under 13 years old, or under 16 in the EU, whether a citizen or resident, you are not authorized to use the service, because could use age verification methods to make sure that you can legally use the AI chatbot.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

If you choose to use, then you are also expected to engage in your character discussions without resorting to personal attacks towards other users, or even the development team. 

For example, use the platform as it was intended and don’t post details about subverting its usage or hacking the software. Soliciting or offering your Character.AI login, password, or account information also goes against the guidelines.

Should you ever encounter an issue that needs reporting, you should provide the support team with concrete examples of conversations or messages from the AI character that you feel went wrong. Screenshots or chat room posts should be included, and the expected behavior should be explained in detail.

Users should also be kind and respectful when providing feedback. Disrespectful comments or flaming are not allowed.

The greeting message of your AI characters has a significant impact on their behavior, so use this opportunity to convey information about the character’s personality, actions, and thoughts. 

The first few messages that are exchanged with the AI will greatly influence your conversations, so choose your initial responses carefully, paying attention to formatting, message length, and the use of symbols like asterisks, quotes, and brackets.

And as far as privacy and data security are concerned, it’s important to be aware that the company tracks certain aspects of user’s data (hence the age restrictions), and may be able to access the conversation history of all of your characters. 

Therefore, you should always be mindful of the information you share on the platform, and never divulge any personal details, or anyone else’s for that matter, which another user could use to identify someone for nefarious purposes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, stands out as a dynamic and creative platform, offering a unique opportunity for users to craft and interact with AI characters. It’s essential, however, to remember that with this innovative tool comes the responsibility to follow the platform’s guidelines and standards.

By doing so, not only do we ensure a safe, respectful, and enjoyable environment for all users, but we also uphold the integrity and potential of AI technology in our digital interactions.

Adhering to the age requirements, respecting community standards, being mindful of content shared, and engaging in ethical usage are pivotal to enhancing everyone’s experience on As we navigate this cutting-edge domain of artificial intelligence, let’s commit to using this platform thoughtfully and creatively.

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