Imagen AI: The Future of Photo Editing for Professionals and Enthusiasts Alike

In 2023, image generation AI was suddenly everywhere. Dall-E and Midjourney paved the way, but soon other image generators like and Stable Diffusion added to the mix.

And now there’s yet another tool with a bit of a unique twist to it: Imagen AI.

Imagen AI acts like a personalized AI photo editing assistant and is geared toward photo processing, editing, and touch-up rather than image generation.

In this article, we’ll look at what Imagen AI is, and why you might want to add it to your photo editing repertoire.

What Is Imagen AI?

Imagen AI is a software download available for Mac and PC that leverages AI to enhance the photo editing process. It is a paid tool, though you get 1,000 credits for free to start off.

Imagen AI offers a solid array of tools that will make the lives of photographers (particularly wedding photographers), and image editors much easier.

These tools include:

Personal AI Profile

It analyzes each user’s previous photo edits in order to create their personal AI profile, which can then be applied to a Lightroom Classic catalog. This gives photographers a consistent starting point for their image edits, which helps to maintain a cohesive editing style across their entire collection, and streamline editing workflow so they can focus on other aspects of their edits. 

Photo Management Tools

The AI photo editing assistant also offers a secure cloud backup service that can compress and store photos, and provides a range of benefits, including a Personal AI profile, a comprehensive set of tools, and features that will help you to streamline the photo editing process.

Connection with Adobe Lightroom Classic

Imagen AI has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom Classic, and so is endorsed by photographers, who use the latter for several reasons, including its robust photo browsing and organization capabilities, integrated editing tools, and its ability to work with locally stored photos. 

This feature alone allows for faster searching, loading, and editing times, and ensures that photos are always accessible, even without an internet connection. 

Photobook Module

Plus, Lightroom Classic’s photo book module and other advanced features and parameters make it a versatile and powerful tool for photographers, so the integration with Imagen AI means that you can now take your photographic endeavors to a whole new level.

Imagen AI’s cloud-based and deep learning AI software runs as an app on the user’s computer, and so requires access to the internet in order for it to learn and improve the experience, based on the user’s unique style and preferences for each photo.

Here’s a short video that explains how Imagen AI works:

What Is Imagen Cloud?

Designed specifically for photographers that are looking for a convenient and secure photo storage solution, Imagen Cloud will effortlessly manage your project backups during both the culling and editing processes. 

This feature uses AI to streamline culling by removing duplicate images, shots with blinks, blurry results, or those with poor composition. So, Imagen Cloud efficiently categorizes and sets aside the undesired photos, to allow the AI to focus on editing the best images.

Imagen Cloud also offers an easy and secure way to store and back up your photos, still retaining their high resolution, but compressing each photo by 75% on download to save on storage space. 

The compression process leads to a remarkable 4X reduction in storage costs for photographers looking to streamline their workflow and save on valuable resources, making Imagen Cloud is an integral part of Imagen AI’s post-production process.

What About Privacy Regulations?

Those of you who are concerned about their privacy (or that of their clients) need not worry, because all of your uploaded photos are utilized only for the creation of your Personal AI Profile, and photo editing purposes, which means that your photos will remain private and secure. 

In addition, your Personal AI Profile is strictly confidential, so won’t be shared with any third parties, and by using Imagen, you will remain compliant with GDPR regulations.

Is Imagen Free To Use?

You may be pleased to find out that there is a free trial available of Imagen, which gives you 1,000 free AI edits, and all without needing to enter your credit card details. This should give you enough editing capability to figure out whether or not you want to continue paying for the service. 

Next, there is a pay-as-you-go model that has a fixed price of $0.05 per edit and $0.01 per photo for each additional AI tool, although if you choose to sign up for a subscription, prices start from as low as $3 per month.

There are thousands of professional photographers now using Imagen AI for their editing process, because of the way it intelligently adapts various Lightroom Classic parameters according to your selected editing style, and the specific requirements of your photo. Plus, you are in total control of any necessary final edits and adjustments.

Imagen AI can empower your editing experience by allowing you to enhance 1,500 photos in less than 10 minutes, which gives you even more time to indulge in your passion.

You also have the option of using pre-constructed Talent AI Profiles that have been curated by industry-leading photographers like Charmi Patel Peña, Fer Juaristi, and John Branch IV.

Final Thoughts

In the wake of the ever evolving AI revolution, fears about the potential upheaval AI could bring to the livelihoods of photographers, as well as concerns about copyright legislation and intellectual property theft, have subsided as time has passed, allowing them to develop a more nuanced understanding of AI’s role in the creative world.

So, what is Imagen AI? You now know that this AI tool has already emerged as a boon for photographers the world overI, functioning as a personalized photo editing assistant that is able to analyze and learn from each user’s previous edits to create a unique AI profile that seamlessly integrates with Adobe Lightroom Classic.

The Imagen Cloud will further enhance your post-production process through its AI-driven categorization, which eliminates both duplicate and undesirable images to optimize storage space without compromising on resolution.

As thousands of professional photographers have now embraced Imagen AI, this AI photo editing assistant’s capacity to enhance your photos fast and efficiently means that not only do you now have a new tech ally, but also a catalyst for elevating your photographic pursuits to new levels.

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