Virtual Clothing Try On with Outfit Anyone!

OutfitAnyone is a new AI image model from Humanaigc, designed around virtual clothing outfitting. This system allows users to place any piece of clothing on an image of a person, and create a new image of what that person would look like with the garment on.

Amazing, and easy to do!

But before you go crazy shopping for new clothes with your virtual outfitter, there’s a catch.

In this article, I’ll explain how the system works, and what the current limitations are.

OutfitAnyone: Try On Any Piece of Clothing in an Instant

Visit OutfitAnyone and you will find a welcome screen with an image of a model, and a few options for uploading images of clothing.

Do your virtual shopping in another tab and take screenshots of the clothing pieces you would like to try on virtually. Many clothing shops like Banana Republic often unfortunately don’t have images of the garment alone on a solid color background — if you can’t get that, the program won’t work.

You need images that are only the single garment.

You may need to snip those images down to just the item of clothing on (ideally) a white background.

In this example, I chose a red dress from that was fully isolated (the image to the right of the model). I applied the dress to the model by clicking the Run button, and OutfitAnyone produced the following image:

Super simple.

For my next test, I tried two articles of clothing: a top from Under Armor and bottoms from some random shop off Google shopping. Here is the result:

You can see that the OutfitAnyone AI determined that the top had a zipper and partially undid the zipper when it overlaid the article of clothing on the model.

Very impressive!

So What’s The Catch?

Currently, you cannot upload your own photo to OutfitAnyone, so you can’t use it to try clothes on your own body. Why? They are concerned that people could upload photos of people other than themselves, and use it to try on inappropriate items on other people.

This is a fair concern, and I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to get around it. Eventually, they’ll likely need some sort of authentication of images for use.

For now, all you can do is try the clothing on the virtual models.

Final Thoughts

This technology will likely make it much cheaper and easier for clothing companies to sell their wares. With fast fashion, there will be no need to take photos using real models, or digitally manipulate articles of clothing in order to fit specific models for production.

Likely we will all have something like this, with our own body as a model (perhaps with face blurred), so that we will be able to easily see how clothing will fit on our bodies.