Drake and The Weeknd AI Deep Fake Song Goes Viral

It’s no surprise that when a musical power duo like Drake and The Weeknd get together to record a song, that their collaboration would go viral. That’s exactly what happened.

In less than 2 weeks from its release on April 4, 2023 on various streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube, “Heart on My Sleeve” had garnered 275,000 YouTube views, 600,000 Spotify streams and 15 million TikTok views.

But here’s the thing… it was not sung by Drake and The Weeknd, nor was it written by either of them. The song “Heart on My Sleeve” was written and produced by TikTok user ghostwriter977, but no one really knows if he actually wrote it or if he just used AI to write that too, because no one knows who ghostwriter977 is.

The vocals for the song are completely AI generated, made to sound like Canadian musicians Drake and The Weeknd.

On April 17, UMG filed a takedown notice of the song across multiple platforms.

Though it’s supposedly been removed from all platforms, there are a few places that you can still hear the song.


There is some speculation that this is a publicity stunt put together by the record label, or even Drake himself.