AI Is Being Used To Help Build Homes

AI Is Being Used To Help Build Homes

In Calgary Suburbs, AI is being used to help build homes. Trico Homes, a Calgary-based home builder has partnered up with local tech company which is using AI technology to make the entire home-building process more customized for the buyer and more efficient for the builder, from beginning to end.

AI has been one of the hottest topics since the beginning of the year. Most people are familiar with AI programs like ChatGPT and Midjourney that can be used for creating text and images from a word prompt. If you’ve been following AI News, you’ve no doubt heard (or at least heard about) the song “Heart on My Sleeve” created by AI that went viral and know that AI was used to simulate the voices. You may have even heard about how Wendy’s has started to convert their drive-thrus to AI to take orders, about the invisible phone or how AI is helping to find new antibiotics for drug-resistant bacteria.

It seems as though AI is being integrated into things all around us. The home building industry is just the latest place it’s making its mark and changing the way things are being done. uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze market data to predict home buyer trends, so the builder knows who is in the market, where they are most likely to buy and what they’re looking for a new home by determining which features and layouts perform best for each type of buyer.

The technology is also being used to help create marketing campaigns specifically targeting those buyers, as well as optimize the builder website to create a customer specific experience that displays the homes most relevant to each unique website visitor, and then guides them on a customized path to purchase.

President and CEO of Trico Homes, Michael Brown spoke to The Calgary Eye Opener, in an interview on the CBC this past Friday, and said that the use of AI is also helping to optimize building schedules. Brown says it make it easier to examine available resources, especially when his team is working on hundreds of construction projects at the same time, adding that it’s crucial that not only the right materials, but the right tradespeople are on each site at the right time.

The use of AI in the home building industry is creating a more personalized buyer experience and a more efficient workflow, making it possible to complete projects faster.

This is a huge benefit to home buyers, Brown points out, saying that AI helping to save operational costs while speeding up the construction process will not only get the home buyer into their new home sooner, but will ultimately lead to savings on their purchase.